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The Champagne Lounge is Australia's Regional Business Women's Network.
Cheers to real conversations, next level connection, incredible business support and a whole heap of celebration with like-minded regional business women.
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To support, connect and celebrate Australia's Regional Business Women.

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Who are we & how can we support you?

Welcome my friend, we're so excited that you're here. This is the home of The Champagne Lounge, Australia's Regional Business Women's Network.

Our community, network and academy equip regional women with the tools and connection to succeed in building the business of their dreams from where-ever they are in the country.

We're all about ensuring you feel connected, supported, and celebrated on your business journey, while having fun and making some great business besties along the way.

We're an online membership community who are here when you need us. We know your to-do list is ever growing, so in our community you don't have to show up to everything. Simply jump into our virtual meetups, online community chat or accountability calls whenever you can.

No matter what stage of business you're at, we're here to have the BIG conversations, equip you with business skills and cheer you through the ups and downs.

Doing business regionally is different and it comes with it's own challenges - but it doesn't have to be lonely.

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"It's been such a gift for me to have this community to celebrate with, to keep me going when times are a little tough and to give me ideas that are going to help my business"
Justine McLean, NSW

"We can dream big, we can be scared, we can be vulnerable, we can have fun and we know there's somebody there willing to listen and to support"
Madaleen Kelly, NSW

Free Business Resources

Unlock Your Confidence

Get confident in asking for help & getting support in your business. Download the
5 Steps To Confidently Asking For Help and finally get the support you need.


Your Best Year Yet

Dreaming BIG and building a successful business whilst balancing life and work is so much easier when you have The Ultimate Checklist for Balancing Work & Life. 


Planning Templates

Whether you're just starting out or taking your business to the next level - the key to success is taking action on good plan. Get your hands on our Yearly and Quarterly Planning Templates.


Discover how The Champagne Lounge has helped regional women like you feel connected, supported and celebrated.


Beth Williams

Founding Member

"The Champagne Lounge is an incredible online community where we uplift and inspire one another. In this supportive space, we celebrate wins, seek guidance, and grow together. Rebecca nurtures a positive and empowering mindset, encouraging me to acknowledge milestones along the way and stay motivated for continued success."

Emma Veiga-Malta

The Creative Business Hub

"I was in need of a new crew to hang out with in business, and Rebecca's Champagne Lounge came along at just the right time. I needed to step up, stretch my mind, find new perspectives and grow my support network. We have great conversations and support - plus some easy banter (especially on Wednesdays when wine is often involved!) What I love most is that I can hop in and out of the sessions, no pressure or expectations. I have found my new business besties!"

Simone Eyles


"If you're looking for a business BFF look no further than The Champagne Lounge. It's a great place where you can connect with other women who have big goals. We share our challenges and our wins. We chitchat and we hold each other accountable. Everything you want in your Business BFF!"

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Hi, I'm Rebecca Saunders

I'm the Founder of The Champagne Lounge, a serial entrepreneur and lover of Champagne, Post-It's and making my dreams a reality. I've been on the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship since 2012.  It hasn't always been easy, and at times I've felt incredible lonely - can you relate? So, after selling part of my business and moving to regional NSW I decided it was time to do something fulfilling, impactful and fun.

I created The Champagne Lounge to give every business woman in regional Australia a cheer squad. A community of women who dream as big as you do. Who want to have more, who want to do more and who want a high-five when they make their dreams a reality. And who want to do it having fun, feeling supported and being connected along the way. It's time to celebrate the uniqueness of YOU and the way you're doing business and life on your terms. I can't wait to meet you!


"I know now that community is massively important. It's what helps. businesses grow and strong women support strong women and they connect women and they back them."
Hayley Osborne, SA

"We can dream big, we can be scared, we can be vulnerable, we can have fun and we know there's somebody there willing to listen and to support"
Madaleen Kelly, NSW

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The Champagne Lounge acknowledges that our Traditional Owners were the first people to build and understand the importance of community. We pay respect to their elders past, present and future.