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The Champagne Lounge is the #1 online community for Australia's Regional Business Women.



The Champagne Lounge is an online community with the mission of ensuring every female business owner across Australia never feels lonely again. We want you to feel connected, supported and celebrated as you ride the entrepreneurial rollercoaster in pursuit of making your dreams a reality.

We believe that every single woman has the ability to design and create a business and life that they love, and that life's too short not to chase your dreams.

However we also know that the entrepreneurial rollercoaster is a challenging one - and that staying on the ride requires a cheer squad of women around you cheering you on from the sidelines, pepping you up when things get hard and celebrating loudly when you smash your goals and make things happen - especially when you live regionally!

Have you ever felt like...

  • you just want to chat to someone that just 'gets' it?
  • you want to be able to celebrate your achievements with someone who's wildly excited about what you've been able to build or create?
  • you feel lonely in your business because you don't have any like-minded women to talk to about what's going on or what you're struggling with?
  • you started in business to have more freedom but now you feel like you've created something you can't escape from and you just want to talk it through with someone who's been there too?
  • you're on top of the world feeling like anything is possible one day and the next everything feels totally hopeless?
  • you're ready to make your dream business a reality but you feel completely overwhelmed by everything that's involved?

Yes? Most entrepreneurs feel these things at some point in time - we're human!

The truth is...

We call it the entrepreneurial rollercoaster because it is one. Building your business and your life on your terms, in your way is going to be a journey of highs and lows, wins and losses, celebrations and tears.

The important thing is to surround yourself with people who inspire you, who lift you up when you're feeling down and who'll support you to keep going.

You don't have to do it alone.



We live and breath connection, community and celebration; and we're here to ensure you feel supported, connected and celebrated along your entrepreneurial journey.

Here are the things you'll find inside the #1 online community for Australia's Regional Business Women:

  • Virtual Networking: We know you’re too busy to commit to meeting at the same time every week, that’s why we’ve got options and lots of them! No big commitments, just show up when you want to, it’s as easy as that.
  • Little Pink Book: The ultimate business resource directory for ambitious female business owners. Find courses, trainings, mastermind and communities for specific business solutions when you need them.
  • Member Directory:  A beautiful and interactive directory of every single member of The Champagne Lounge™ right at your finger tips.
  • VIP Facebook Group: Members are able to ask questions, seek advice, provide comment and contribute within different channels from wherever they are in the world.
  • The Podcast: All members have the opportunity to be a guest on our weekly show "The Champagne Lounge Podcast" - a great platform to showcase you and your business to our network and the wider world.

We know how important feeling connected, supported and celebrated is for you, which is why membership to The Champagne Lounge is accessible and affordable at just $1 a day.

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The Champagne Lounge™ was created to give every business woman across Australia a cheer squad and a business bestie!

It's a community of women who dream as big as you do. Who want to have more, who want to do more, and who want someone to give them a f**king high five when they make it a reality.

A digital community full of women who are all owning their uniqueness, living unapologetically and making their dreams come true. Big time.


Many online communities, masterminds and programs ask you to commit a big chunk of your time every single week.

And as busy business-owners ourselves, we know that’s pretty much impossible (and also kinda boring).

We know you’re too busy to commit to meeting at the same time every week, that’s why we’ve got virtual meetup options and lots of them!

No big commitments, just show up when you want to, it’s as easy as that.


As women we don't celebrate ourselves, our achievements and our milestones enough - and that's got to change.

We give you permission to have more fun and joy by celebrating all the things in business and life.

The Champagne Lounge™ is not a standard coaching program, it's not a mastermind and it's not a 1, 2, 3 step system - it's a cheer squad for all things life and business and it’s the best!

The Champagne Lounge is that business BFF you have on speed dial... 

Whenever you need her, she’s there . Ready to lend an ear. Ready for those big conversations. Ready to give you that pep-talk you need. Ready to share in the wins – and of course the Champagne!

Meet Our Founder

Rebecca Saunders helps female business owners like YOU turn your uniqueness into a super power, celebrate your successes and create their dream life and business by design.

Towards the end of 2022 she had a deep knowing that she wanted to do something different, create something with impact and bring more celebration into the lives of ambitious women around the world.

So she did what all go-getting entrepreneurs do, and she created it.

In February, The Champagne Lounge™ launched as the online community (that’s not like the others!) for Australia's ambitious regional business women who want to find their people, grow their network and celebrate ourselves, our achievements and our milestones more.

Her mission is to connect 1000 + female business owners and entrepreneurs from all around the country, who want to find their people, build their network and celebrate life's wins BIG and small.

A community of support where it's normal to build each other up, refer one another, support one another and help to shine. 

When one woman rises, we all RISE.

She's a bubbly extrovert, a podcast host and a dinner party queen. She's a fur mumma to her Mini Aussie Shepherd Bailey and lives in wine country in regional NSW, Australia.

Learn more about Rebecca

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🌟 Access to our Little Pink Book of incredible resources

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🌟 Opportunity to be featured on The Champagne Lounge Podcast

🌟 An online community for like-minded regional business women


The #1 Community for Regional, Rural & Remote Business Women in Australia.













The Champagne Lounge acknowledges that our Traditional Owners were the first people to build and understand the importance of community. We pay respect to their elders past, present and future.