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The Champagne Lounge

The #1 global cheer squad for female business owners doing business and life on their terms.

Join us to meet like-minded women, grow your network and celebrate your wins BIG and small along the way.


Here's what you'll find inside...

Virtual Networking

Regular virtual meet-ups there for when you need them!

We know you’re too busy to commit to meeting at the same time every week, that’s why we’ve got options and lots of them! No big commitments, just show up when you want to, it’s as easy as that.

Little Pink Book

Our Little Pink Book is the ultimate business resource directory for ambitious female business owners.

Members are able to explore categories within our platform and find courses, trainings, mastermind and communities for specific business solutions when they need them.

Member Directory

A beautiful and interactive directory of every single member of The Champagne Lounge™ right at your finger tips.

Create your profile, view the profiles of fellow members and explore where members are located around the world on our interactive map.

VIP Facebook Group

Our super active VIP Facebook Group is a buzz with activity on the daily.

Members are able to ask questions, seek advice, provide comment and contribute within different channels from wherever they are in the world.

Real Life Events

We love the magic of online connection, but also know that real life events really light our members up. So, each quarter we host a variety of in-person events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for our members to clink glasses and catch up.

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… like that business BFF you have on speed dial

Many online communities, masterminds and programs ask you to commit a big chunk of your time every single week.

And as a busy business-owner myself, I know that’s pretty much impossible (and also kinda boring).

I want The Champagne Lounge to be like that business BFF you have on speed dial. 

Whenever you need her, she’s there. Ready to lend an ear. Ready for those big conversations. Ready to give you that pep-talk you need. Ready to share in the wins – and of course the Champagne! 🥂

Hear from our members …


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Beth Williams

Founding Member

"The Champagne Lounge is an incredible online community where we uplift and inspire one another. In this supportive space, we celebrate wins, seek guidance, and grow together. Rebecca nurtures a positive and empowering mindset, encouraging me to acknowledge milestones along the way and stay motivated for continued success."

Emma Veiga-Malta

The Creative Business Hub

"I was in need of a new crew to hang out with in business, and Rebecca's Champagne Lounge came along at just the right time. I needed to step up, stretch my mind, find new perspectives and grow my support network. We have great conversations and support - plus some easy banter (especially on Wednesdays when wine is often involved!) What I love most is that I can hop in and out of the sessions, no pressure or expectations. I have found my new business besties!"

Simone Eyles


"If you're looking for a business BFF look no further than The Champagne Lounge. It's a great place where you can connect with other women who have big goals. We share our challenges and our wins. We chitchat and we hold each other accountable. Everything you want in your Business BFF!"

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"As women we don't celebrate ourselves, our achievements and our milestones enough
- and that's got to change. 

I created The Champagne Lounge to give every woman around the world a cheer squad. A community of women who dream as big as you do. Who want to have more, who want to do more, and who want someone to give them a f**king high-five when they make it a reality. And most importantly, do it with heaps of joy and fun along the way.

It's time to celebrate the uniqueness of YOU"

Rebecca Saunders