1:1 Power Hour

If you've got a business problem that's keeping you up at night, a task that's draining you energetically, an issue that needs talking though or you simply need another set of eyes - it's time to book a 1:1 Power Hour with Rebecca.

Book a 1:1 Power Hour with Rebecca


Happy Power Hour Clients

"In my first five minutes with Rebecca, she illuminated a business pathway that made sense, one I’d considered but wasn’t sure I was ready to pull the trigger on; it was smart, strategic and gave me the freedom to move to my next phase of business ahead of schedule. Rebecca gets business and understands what it takes to build a successful business, but her secret sauce, the magic, Rebecca genuinely cares; she’ll be the one popping the champagne cork or reaching out to see if you’re doing ok.

Rebecca Saunders is the real deal, and working with her will give you the clarity and business savvy you need to take your business to the next level."
Justine McLean

"Rebecca has made a huge impact on my business as both a video strategist, the providers of an awesome no mess no fuss video service, and as a mentor! She is professional and knows her stuff, etc, but the best thing is she's real, she's smart, and she's easy and fun to deal with. Can't recommend her enough!"
Cate Kemp

"Rebecca has helped to take me from award winning corporate CFO to pioneering finance and strategy executive helping to unlock success in others, across the globe. Her support, insights and care are beyond price and are in fact priceless. Together we have recorded Over 30 CFO to CFO Conversations available on you tube with 70 subscribers In The first 3 months. She works with me as my trusted advisor, and takes great pleasure and reward in helping to elevate me, my brand and my business to lofty heights."
Paula Kensington

"Rebecca has been a great advisor in setting the plan for our video reviews, she worked out a format and schedule that's perfect for my business - taking the stress & hassle out of the video production process! I'm so appreciative of Rebecca's approach to keep me accountable! I would absolutely recommend working with Rebecca."
Jess Pongrass


What exactly can we get done in our 1:1 Power Hour?

That's a great question!

To get the most out of your 1:1 Coaching Session with me, I recommend focusing on a single question, problem or area of your business that you need help with.

For example, we might talk about:

>> What's working in your business and what's not

>> How to make the tech work for you without the headache

>> Where to focus your limited time for maximum return

>> Brainstorming your next big idea, program or online course

>> How to create and implement systems in order to grow your team

or anything else business, life or video related!

Seriously, no question is too stupid and you've got to learn somewhere - so make the most of your 60 minutes with me!

Oh, and if you opt in for Speed Dial you get 7 days of 1:1 Voxer access with me after our call.

Here's How It Works


Choose your 1:1 Coaching Session and schedule it at a time that suits you.


Purchase your 1:1 Coaching Session using the checkout to confirm your booking.


Check your email for your Pre-Session Questionnaire so that I can get up to speed prior to our call.


At your chosen time we meet on Google Meet for 60 minutes and make magic happen.

Book a 1:1 Power Hour with Rebecca