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Hi, I'm Rebecca

I'm the founder of The Champagne Lounge, Australia's largest community for regional business women. I've been in business for 12 years, have scaled my business to 7-figures and I have absolutely no issue with asking people in and outside of my network for help when I need it!

Chances are if you got asked to help someone you would.

But... the thought of asking someone else for help leaves you feeling queezy and uncomfortable.

Am I right?

Business is hard enough already without the added struggle of doing it solo. Why struggle more than necessary when you could ask someone to help you with a problem?

When you have a formula, it's easy! 

Get exact 5-step formula I used for growing my business from the ground up and scaling to 7-figures during the pandemic.

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Asking for help in your business doesn’t have to be a vomit in mouth situation...